Well hello there.

Thanks for stopping by my quiet little corner of teh internetz.

I thought I’d put together a collection of my creative impulses in one place- writings, musings, doodlings, drawings, even knittings.

As for myself, I’ve been lucky to have a pretty interesting life so far. Born in Adelaide, Australia, then immediately indoctrinated into all forms of culture, high and low, I can only assume I was a horribly precocious child. I mean I won a poetry competition when I was 10. For a poem about the tragedy of drug addiction amongst the homeless!

Once I finished annoying everyone by winning all the prizes at high school (ok, none of sports based ones), I went on to epically faff around at university for a few years, getting a much coveted Bachelor of Arts (IKR!), in such exciting things as film-making, multimedia (it was a buzzword back then), politics and computer programming. Oh, and I won, then helped run, some national student entrepreneurship competitions too, you know, just because.

Hmm, let’s see. After that I ran off to Japan for a year so that I could teach English and pretend that I was an anime character. I went back to Australia to study more international politics and also art history, while earning shiny dollars helping pensioners buy PCs and expensive printer cartridges (“But the printer was so cheap!”). I eventually went on to work at an Indigenous art gallery, where many tourists assumed I was aboriginal, much to the amusement of my actually aboriginal colleagues.

After that it was a national technology arts organisation, where I got to explain to people how software, abstract noises and bacterial cultures can all be art. Just trust me, they can all be art. Some of the bits I wrote then, when entertaining the notion of being an art critic, can be found here (Ok! Yes, I still entertain the notion).

Then I thought, ‘you know what would be fun, why don’t I just pack everything up and move to the other side of the world? So I did. London has been my home for several years now. Where I’ve somehow managed to end up in a large audit and accounting firm, in charge of all their digital channels, and teaching accountants how to tweet. When they’re not sending me to the head office in Paris, which is really quite nice, I’ve been sneaking off on mini adventures in Europe. You should really see the Musée du quai Branly and the Northern Lights, they’re awesome! (Although it might be difficult to do both at the same time.)

In between all that, I’ve occasionally found the odd bit of time for writing and snippets of creativity, which you’ll find on this site. I also found lots of time to expound the various opinions I have on a great many subjects, from anime to classical literature to video game culture to the evolution of the public sphere to what makes a good hummus. You may have already been able to guess that.

Anyhoo, always pleased to have feedback, so please leave a comment. Or cat pictures, that would be good too.

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